How To -
Konjac Sponge

This little sponge is the key to a “Cloudless” complexion.

A Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural, anti-microbial, vegan face sponge made from the Konjac Root, a porous Asian vegetable.

They've been around for decades but have enjoyed renewed popularity thanks to enthusiastic Korean beauty experts. They prize the humble Konjac Sponge for its gentle exfoliating action that cleans more efficiently than fingertips alone.

Soak your sponge in warm water for a few minutes until it expands and softens. Squeeze out excess water and use it with your favourite cleanser. Gently scrub your face in a circular motion. It's anti-microbial; you don't have to wash it. Just rinse it off and hang it to dry so it's ready for when you are.