All Clean Beauty devotees are faced with the same dilemma when they want a little color: Either suffer the aging UV rays or absorb a creepy cocktail of sketchy chemicals in self-tanners. The good news is that now you don’t have to choose! Organic Self-Tanners are officially a thing and we plucked the best of the bunch to help you keep your glow on all summer long (and beyond).

Australian Mother or two, Sonia Driver was inspired to develop her brand when her sister was diagnosed with a cancerous melanoma. Out of necessity, she created the very first certified organic sunless tanning products in the world. Her award-winning, sunless tanning system is Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free.

The best part? They blend beautifully without orange streaks and they smell fantastic! I bought the whole suite of products: I started with the Light/Medium Winter Skin to build my color base, and now I maintain my Mid-Summer glow with the Invisible Tan. I use the gorgeous Tanning Water on my face after cleansing (under moisturizer) every couple of days and I swear it looks like I have makeup on! If you want a little healthy glow, I highly recommend it. In one application, your skin will look more glow-y and evenly toned. You’ll look like you’ve been on Holiday (even if you haven’t).


  1. Dry brush first! You want to exfoliate to get rid of any dry patches or flaky skin before you start.
  2. Shower. We do an extra exfoliating step with a Honeycomb Bath Mitt and Aleppo Soap for a good hearty scrub (with moisture)!
  3. Pat skin dry (don't rub)!
  4. Slather a light coat of hand cream on your elbows, knees, hands and feet. This is where self-tanner typically soaks in too quickly and gets splotchy. (P.S. We're giving away free lemon verbena hand cream any order with a tanning product - now until Sunday July 15th)
  5. Now you’re ready to tan! Start applying tanner from your face + neck and work your way down to your ankles and tops of feet.
  6. Wash your hands.
  7. I know this goes without saying, but just because you’re rocking a Fake Bake, you still NEED TO WEAR SUNSCREEN! We bought the best zinc-based one we could find to wear under makeup. Every. Day.

I like to pad around for a few minutes in the nuddie until everything is good and dry and then do a mirror check to make sure there aren’t any spots with too much tanner (or missed altogether). Once you feel dry you’re good to GLOW! Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you’ve lost weight or been on vacation!