Speed Cleaning for Guests


We’ve all been there. You suddenly have people coming over and you need to snap your house into shape, pronto! It happens. So before it happens again, we have some tidying tips that will help you get your clean on with a quickness (and keep it there). As in all things, it takes some preparation and planning. First things first: you need a reliable cleaning kit with the basic stuff you’ll need to clean house. Here’s what you need:

• Dish Soap
• Glass Cleaner
• Bathroom Cleaner
• All-Purpose Cleaner

    If you’re like us, you don’t have time to DIY, so we’ve short-handed it for you and made one that's ready to go right here: Murchison-Hume's Clean Starter Kit

    Once you’ve got one of these under your arm, you’re ready to tackle just about any household cleaning job. We also made it light and added a handle to tote from room to room.

    Also good to have:

    • A large basket (a laundry basket with handles is ideal)
    • Paper towels + Lint free cleaning cloth
    • Dust pan and brush


    We’ve broken it down into easy-to-do tasks, depending upon how much time you have. These are in order of importance (and impact). Ready? Let’s do this!

    If you have 5 minutes or less: Your Mother-in-Law is coming up the driveway, this is what to do:

    • Grab your basket and throw everything that needs putting away in there: Toys, slippers, mail and random papers, shoes, and your handbag. Whatever’s out of place. Work from the entry to as far as you can before the doorbell rings. Throw the basket in your bedroom and pray she doesn’t go in there.
    • On your way to the door, grab your All-Purpose Cleaner and spritz a little into the air, so it will at least smell clean (even if it’s not).

    If you have 15 minutes or less: Your new friend just rang and wants to stop by?

    • Do the 5-minute plan and then clear all the dirty dishes form the counter. 
    • Spray your kitchen surfaces with All-Purpose Cleaner and wipe down with paper towels.
    • Fill a sink full of water with dish soap. Put all of the dirty dishes in there and let them soak.
    • Go do the same in the bathroom: Spray bathroom cleaner all around the toilet bowl and rim and let it sit while you spray wipe the seat, handle and tank. Now wipe it down with toilet paper. Flush it and you’re good to go!

    You forgot about Hosting Book Club this week and it starts in 45 minutes? Don’t panic, Mama, we got you! Do the 5 and 15 minute plan. Plus this:

    *Immediately order 3 large cheese pizzas to be delivered. Grab any leftover greens or anything remotely interesting from the pantry. Wash and chop them to scatter on the pizza when it arrives. If you have wine, chill it or open it. Then…

    • Put the dishes that were soaking into the dishwasher and run it (even if it’s not full…this is an emergency)!
    • Grab your glass cleaner, go back to the bathroom and spray the mirror, faucets and any reflective surfaces. Polish dry with your lint-free cloth (or with the towels if you have time to change them for fresh ones).
    • Make your bed and put away your clothes. Move that basket of stuff into the closet. Don’t forget about it though, your wallet is probably in there!
    • Use the dustpan and brush to give the entry, kitchen and bathroom floors a quick sweep.
    • If you have extra time, go outside and snip a few branches off a leafy tree and pop them into a vase with some water for the table. Extra points for doing the same in the bathroom. It looks super fresh and will also signal that you were prepared (even if you weren’t).

    Now pull your hair back, slick on a little lip-gloss, put music on and relax. Nobody will mind that you’re still in yoga pants and haven’t vacuumed if there’s pizza and wine on the go. #fact