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Let's be real: If you’re like me, you probably only use about 30-40% of what you’ve got in there on the daily, right? (Lancôme samples circa 2016, I’m looking at you). Yet, I can’t seem to part with most of the stuff I have in there, even if I’ll probably never use it (or worse, it’s expired). Time to get rid of it! This is the perfect weeknight activity and will really streamline your morning routine. Please note: This is the first step in a two-part deep clean, we’ll get to surfaces later.

TIME: 1-2 Hours


  1. 2 x used towels (or one big Turkish Towel)

  2. Trash bin liner

  3. Glass Cleaner

  4. All-Purpose Cleaner

  5. Lint Free cloths

  6. Gloves


  1. Grab a used towel (or two) and lay them out on the floor outside your bathroom.

  2. Starting at the top, carefully remove everything from your cabinets and place them on the towels.

  3. Remove the glass shelves from the cabinet (if you can) and carefully wash them. I use gloves for this bit because they get a bit slippery when wet. Dry thoroughly, and replace them.

  4. Give the outside a spray and wipe, too. Especially the top.

  5. As you start to replace things, use your trash bin liner to throw away anything you need to toss like old make-up or medicine. Don’t just toss it in your main garbage, bag it first. This is an important step because you don’t want expired medicine falling into the wrong hands.

  6. Keep going and do the same thing with your Make-Up drawer and bathroom vanity cupboards.

  7. Throw your used towel in the laundry and it’s time for a treat!

REWARD: I suggest ripping into a few of those old cosmetic samples and using them on your feet with some socks. Slap a mask on and reward yourself with an hour of television while the mask dries and you have tea and cookies on the sofa. Just a suggestion…

Well done!



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