What Kind of Lip Balm are you Eating Today?

While widespread, Internet-fuelled rumors that we eat over 7 lbs. of lip products in a lifetime" have been mostly debunked, we DO eat SOME of what we swipe on our lips.

We’re committed to cleaning up our beauty game this year, so lipstick and lip balm are high on our swap list.

Enter Hurraw Lip Balm.

They set out to make the world’s most perfect lip balm, and they succeeded. It’s made with 100% natural fruit and plant oils in a Candelilla plant wax base. It glides on and keeps your lips soft and kissable without ever feeling goopy or sticky.  Here’s the best part: THE FLAVORS! They go beyond the usual boring mint of “healthy” balms and above the Strawberry Shortcake nonsense of synthetic balms and instead offer a sophisticated take on lip flavors.

Start your lip balm wardrobe with the basics: Sun Balm with SPF15 or Unscented to use as a lipstick primer. But definitely pick up an exquisitely flavored Earl Grey or Chai Tea or even an exotic Vata to finish and fragrance your pout! They are a pure sensory lift in the middle of the day. We use the Chocolate or Vanilla balm when we’re craving sweets after lunch with an actual cup of tea. It works. Your lips (and waistline) will thank you.