5 Chic Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

5 Chic Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary—the place you retreat after a long day to relax, unwind, and maybe have some quality time with your partner. But designing a bedroom to be both practical and soothing can be tough: You may love the look of a bed with dozens of pillows, but where will they go at night? The idea of mismatched nightstands may not have ever crossed your mind, but it could offer a fun quirk to an otherwise sterile room. And your idea of a bed frame or headboard may be restricted to what you’ve seen in every catalog ever, so it’s hard to imagine what a bedroom with an untraditional piece of furniture could look like.


Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration—and Instagram is our favorite place for it. Ahead, find five chic design ideas for your bedroom that you haven’t thought of yet.

Use Mirrors As Artwork

While it may seem counterintuitive to place a mirror in a low-traffic area, think of them less as a functional piece of furniture and instead, think of them as artwork. This can help you look outside of the traditional rectangular leaning style as well. The abstract mirror seen here opens the space without adding the heft or business that a photo or print might.

Use Curtains To Create Depth

Most people think to employ this trick in the living room or dining room, but you can trick the eye into thinking your bedroom ceilings are higher by hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible.

Extend The Headboard

While a headboard is meant to bring a natural focal point to your bed by centering it, don’t be afraid to extend it to the full length of the room. You can use it to hang artwork, seen here, or as additional storage for pillows, throws, and other soft goods. You can also swap a headboard in exchange for window-length blackout curtains if a headboard isn’t your vibe.

Go Dark!

Black walls in the bedroom seem, well, spooky—but it gives an unexpected edge to a room that’s primarily set up to sleep in. If painting your entire bedroom a deep, murky shade feels like too much, start with an accent wall—or split each wall horizontally and paint the first four feet off the floor a dark shade. You can contrast it with something lighter up top.

Layer Textures

Most brands sell their sheets and duvets in sets—but that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside the box by layering non-traditional textures on top of each other. In addition to creating dimension, this can add a cozier element to the space.

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