5 Things You Shouldn’t Keep In The Bathroom (& 2 Things You Should)

5 Things You Shouldn’t Keep In The Bathroom (& 2 Things You Should)

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t keep perfumes or open beauty products in the bathroom, lest you want them to lose their luster a lot quicker than planned. But there’s a ton of other items you shouldn’t store in your bathroom either—including a few that are definitely sitting underneath your skin or behind your door right now. Ahead, five items you should never store in the loo—and two things you very much should!



Don’t Keep This In The Bathroom: Towels

Yep—your beloved cotton-terry towels have no place in the bathroom, even if you hang them up. Unfortunately, the humid environment isn’t ideal, as it can cause mold or mildew to develop, especially if they never have a chance to fully dry. Try keeping them in a linen closet outside of the bathroom, which will have much lower natural humidity levels.

Don’t Keep This In The Bathroom: Prescription Medication

Sure, the medicine cabinet has its name for a reason, but unless yours comes with an air-tight seal, you should store your prescription medications and vitamins elsewhere. Of course, prescription bottles instruct you to store them in a cool, dry place, and the bathroom is likely the most humid place in your home. Instead, keep them in your bedroom or kitchen where they’re out of reach of children.

Don’t Keep This In The Bathroom: Toothbrush

I know, I know, but hear me out: If you keep your toothbrush on your sink counter, it’s probably home to way more bacteria than you’d like to think: Every time you flush the toilet, bacteria are released into the air, and the humid conditions in a bathroom only encourage said germs to multiply quickly. While you don’t have to store it in the kitchen—the bathroom is where you brush your teeth, after all—just make sure it’s behind a shield, like your medicine cabinet or an encapsulated toothbrush holder.

Don’t Keep This In The Bathroom: Photographs, Artwork, or Books

Sure, books and photographs are a great way to personalize your bathroom, which can feel like a too-sterile environment devoid of any character. But it’s best to store anything sensitive to humidity outside of the bathroom. Instead, add personality to your space with candles, vases, and other home decor objects that can withstand humid environments.

Don’t Keep This In The Bathroom: Makeup + Nail Polish

The moist environment strikes again! It’s nearly impossible to guarantee an air-tight seal on your makeup bag or nail polish bottles, so it’s best to store them elsewhere. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to replace your translucent powder, lipsticks, or other products sooner than planned thanks to mold, mildew, or melting!

Do Keep This In The Bathroom: Bathroom Cleaner

And now, for two items you *should* keep in the loo: If you keep the air-tight seal on our Bathroom Cleaner, you should have no problem using it until the very last drop. I love to spritz some in the shower right when I get out, even if I don’t plan on giving it a full wipe-down. It eliminates odors and grime in an instant, and it smells amazing, too! Leave it on top of the tank to encourage a tidy bowl, or leave it under the sink if you can remember to spritz it once you’re out of the shower.

Do Keep This In The Bathroom: Hand Cream

There’s no better time to apply lotion than when you’re already moist—and that’s doubly true for your hands. That’s why we paired our Superlative Hand Soap with our Velvet Glove Cream with a chic porcelain tray for a perfect bundle that will instantly elevate your bathroom sink situation.

xx LC