7 Decor Items That Make Your Home Look More Expensive In Seconds

7 Decor Items That Make Your Home Look More Expensive In Seconds

Between the seasonal cleaning and our busy, almost-back-to-normal schedules, nobody has time to redecorate—let alone shop for furniture, paint the walls, or look for a new rug to tie your living room together. But you can make a huge difference in your space with just a few small decor swaps. Ahead, find seven items that’ll make your home look more expensive in five seconds flat—plus a bonus pick for your car.

Amber Glass Bottles

Here’s every organizer's best styling trick: Decant your favorite products into glass amber bottles to reduce both plastic waste and visual clutter. Use our DIY Labels to decant your shampoo and conditioners, body wash, bath salts, dish soap, hand soap and our new refill concentrates to give your shelves a more uniform look. We also recommend the use of a small funnel to make decanting easier.

Himalayan Pink Salt

We switched from ordinary salt to Himalayan Pink Salt ages ago because of the 80+ naturally occurring minerals—and because of how gorgeous it looks sitting on your sink. Even more, you can also use it to boost your dental hygiene game, as Himalayan pink salt is also a natural anti-microbial germ-killer: After brushing, rinse your brush, and scrub it on the bar to clean it. It will leave trace amounts of the healthy salt on the bristles.

South African Gooseberry Candle

We take home fragrance to the next level with our soy-blend, clean-burn wax candles. Hand-poured in Los Angeles, they are free from phthalates, sulphates and parabens. Plus, the amber glass vessel doubles as a makeup brush holder once the soy has completely burned away.

Vanity Tray

This slender porcelain tray holds your precious oils and serums in style. It’s designed to protect your surfaces from oily drips and makes cleanup a breeze, and the skinny profile means it fits neatly inside the tiniest medicine cabinet, narrowest shelf, or smallest vanity.

Large Carafe

Next time you have friends or family over, serve them lemon water in a chic carafe. You want one that's the perfect size for mixing and serving crafted cocktails like a pro, but pretty enough to sit at the table or bar when you’re not using it.

Soapstone Jar

Our minimalist soapstone jar has a removable lid for the chicest storage solution we've found. We love to store cotton swabs, bobby pins, and other tiny bathroom necessities inside.

Turkish Throw Blanket

Our luxurious Turkish cotton throw is neutral enough to satisfy the minimalists, but the tassels make it fun enough for people who like a statement! Throw over your sofa or the end of your bed as a stylish accent piece.

Portable Fragrance Diffuser

For inside or outside the home, this elegant fragrance diffuser works with any essential oil and can be used anywhere around the home or on your car dash for a touch of quiet sophistication.

Chic Pet Bowl

Ditch the wasteful, disposable paper bowls—and the boring, ugly dog bowls that the big box stores push. This one’s too chic to put away.