keep your bathroom organized

7 Easy (& Free!) Things Organized People Do In The Bathroom Every Week

Nobody enjoys cleaning the bathroom, right? Between organizing the medicine cabinet, scrubbing the bathtub, and wiping every surface clean, it doesn’t usually feel like a Saturday afternoon well-spent. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be such a chore: While there’s nothing that’ll take the place of a deep clean, there are a few easy and free things you can do every week to keep your bathroom clean and organized.   

Wipe Down The Counters

While you could do this after every use, a few times a week should suffice: Give the basin of your sink, as well as your bathtub a good spritz, then wipe it clean with a bit of toilet paper. This will get rid of any grimy toothpaste or scummy buildup that’s accumulated throughout the week. While you’re at it, you might give the mirror a once-over, too.

Wipe Soap Drips + Hand Soap Bottle 

Sure, cleaning your soap feels ridiculous in theory, but the buildup of soap drips can be harder to get off than you’d think. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about cleaning something in full sight. You don’t have to run a Q-tip through every receptacle every week, but I like to wipe the soap drips from my Hand Soap bottle, then clean the soap tray with a dirty towel or toilet paper.   

Spritz An odour-eliminating Spray 

Room + Linen Spray works on your shower curtain. I keep a bottle of Spruce Paper Spray and Bathroom Cleaner on the tank to make sure the loo (and my bottom) are clean and fresh at all times. Every week, go in there with some Room & Linen Spray as well, making sure to spritz near any soft surfaces like the shower curtain or bath mat.  

Trim Candle Wicks 

Of course, you could do this every time you light a candle, but it’s a great habit to get into every week. I like to go through my entire home and trim any darkened wicks, but especially in my bathroom where I tend to light them more often.   

Check Skincare Labels 

Write the date that you opened a skincare product on DIY labels. Unlike medicine or food, beauty products don’t usually come with an expiration label—and when they go bad depends heavily on when you opened them. While products with a pump can usually last about six months due to the lack of oxygen that can get to it, jars, tubes, and droppers usually need to be used or tossed three months after opening, as oxygen or bacteria from fingers can contaminate its efficacy over time. Check your supply weekly, making note of anything that’s about to go. 

Water Your Flowers 

I also try and keep a plant or fresh cut flowers or greenery on the bathroom sink. It’s a small thing, but will instantly lift any bathroom a bit!  

Recycle Beauty Packaging 

I also keep a spare caddy under my sink to recycle my beauty packaging. Most people recycle in the kitchen, but forget about the bathroom. 

All of these things combined will take about five to ten minutes to maintain a clean and organized bathroom—plus, you’ll be grateful that you need to deep clean less often! 

xx LC