10 Ways to Save Money Without Even Trying…

10 Ways to Save Money Without Even Trying…

Keeping your home clean and tidy is already a chore but it shouldn't be a financial strain. You'd be surprised how little changes can add up to make a big difference to your bottom line. The best part is that these things are so easy that you won't even notice you've made them (until you see your bank balance at the end of the month)

Change Lightbulbs

This is quite possibly the easiest trick to save big in the long run. Most older homes run on TK lightbulbs [incandescent bulbs?]  but it’s fairly easy to switch them out with energy-efficient LED bulbs. They may cost more to buy at first, but in the long term they'll cut down on electricity costs. As bulbs burn out in your house, make the switch.

Buy Concentrates

We took the water out of our big refill bottles to avoid shipping expensive heavy water-based products around the globe. Our mini concentrates use less plastic, are space and wallet-friendly, and they make the same amount of product as our old 32oz refills. Just add water!

Cancel Subscriptions

I used to subscribe to half a dozen streaming services I hardly ever use. Get yourself an app like Rocket Money to track your monthly subscriptions, and curb unnecessary spending. 


Unplug AC units, chargers, and other small appliances that passively suck electricity. 

No, I'm not about to convince you to unplug your stove when you're not using it. Unplug things like the tea kettle, toaster, and charging devices when they’re not in use!  And if your AC is an eco-friendly setting, use it!

Invest in Reusable Washcloths

Small changes like replacing your paper towels with reusable cotton dishcloths can make a real difference.  Swap out as many single-use items in your home as you can. It'll be more expensive up front, but you'll  save money in the long term.

Get a Water Filter

Instead of wasting money (and resources) on bottled water, invest in a water filter. Most will run you about $150 to start, and water delivery services usually cost about $30 per month depending on where you live. Not only can you fill up without having to worry about running out, but you can use it to make your coffee at home, too. 

Grow Your Own 

Fresh Herbs are pricey at the store, especially if you forget to use them and have to toss them before you can use them. Here's a better idea: Grow your own! Most herbs like chives, basil, and mint are easy to grow in containers and they brighten up a room until you're ready to use them! 

Wash In Cold Water

Most modern laundry soaps are designed to work in cold water. Plus, Garment Groom can help with that. 

Hang Some Scent

Bear with us: Instead of spraying toxic insecticides or using weird-smelling moth balls (eww). Try tucking a scented wool dryer ball into your drawers or a corner of your closet. Most insects are repelled by strong fragrant scents. so, this trick should keep your wardrobe and closets pest-free without investing in creepy chemicals (or losing your favorite cashmere to moths). 

Take a Hike

We could all use a bit more exercise, so why not make a habit of walking whenever you can do small errands? Grab your reusable bags and walk to the corner store instead of driving. Walking is good for you, your planet (and your wallet). 

Have you got some great secret money-saving tips? Share them on social and we’ll tag you! 


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