How to Use Bee's Wrap to Keep Your Leftovers Longer

How to Use Bee's Wrap to Keep Your Leftovers Longer

So, here’s the thing. Like it or not, almost everybody uses some sort of plastic every day 

It’s become a fact of modern life. Some plastics are net positive and downright practical, like your car’s bumper, for example. The real problem with plastics is Single-Use Plastics (SUPs) like straws, grocery bags, plastic wrap, sandwich bags and those flimsy produce bags. These are the types of plastic that have a huge impact on the environment because they are typically used just once and then end up in a landfill or the ocean where they will never biodegrade.   

That’s right. Never. Plastic actually doesn’t decompose. It just breaks down into smaller and smaller particles which eventually end up in the ocean (and seafood) which we then eat.  

It doesn’t bear thinking about.  

So, to that end, when I find a convenient way to swap something plastic for something more earth-friendly, I'm all over it.  

A few years ago, I discovered Bees Wrap. They are made from organic cotton and coated with (you guessed it) beeswax. You use it just like plastic wrap, but you have to slow down a bit and use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and seal it. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape.  

You can reuse them for over a year. Just wash in cool water with mild dish soap and let air dry. 

Yes, it takes a little longer than stretching a piece of plastic over a bowl, but you are rewarded with the gorgeous smell of honey-tinged wax, plus the feeling of doing the right thing, which always makes me feel a little better.  

xx, mlk