Don’t Make These Bathroom Storage Mistakes

Don’t Make These Bathroom Storage Mistakes

You put it on your to-do list months ago, procrastinated as long as possible, and now it’s finally time to reorganize your bathroom. Typically one of the more cumbersome spaces to organize due to oddly shaped bottles, a need for constant access, and a lack of overall space, bathrooms aren’t exactly the easiest room in the house to rearrange. But by thinking of the room as a blank canvas with a multitude of possibilities, organizing your bathroom might even bring you joy. (And if not, it’ll be satisfying, at least.)  


Let It All Out 

There’s no way to take stock of what you own when it’s hiding behind three other shampoo bottles, so take it all out. Yep—everything. Start with your medicine cabinet, then go shelf by shelf in your closet or any drawers you may have stuff hiding in. Keep it all in plain sight so you don’t forget about it. 


Take Stock 

Take a look at expiration dates, unopened bottles that have been hanging around for a while, and items you opened but didn’t care to continue using regularly. Make a plan to visit a women’s shelter, which will take unopened beauty items, and unless you have friends lined up to sample your half-used products, throw out anything you didn’t love. (Otherwise, you and I both know it’ll sit there unused for another six months.) 


Reimagine Your Space 

Try to think about what you love about other bathrooms: Is it their chic floating shelves? The bold color scheme? The complete lack of clutter? If you think floating shelves may offer a better organizational system for your heat tools, or you’ve always wanted to make use of your bathroom’s tall ceilings with vertical storage, map it out. Now’s the time to figure out the bigger puzzle pieces that’ll work best for you—then spend a few hours planning and installing. Keep in mind that not everything has to be stashed away, too. 


Replace Any Eyesores 

If you’re sick of looking at the same rusty faucet that came with the place—or your mirror doesn’t double as a medicine cabinet (but should), now’s the time to make those changes. These changes don’t all have to help save space though; they might just be a way to make it more pleasant. Don’t forget to go through your shower, too: You might realize a larger caddy or a more expansive towel rack could help keep products and linens in their places. 


Look For Small Solutions 

Are you always knocking things over when trying to grab a single Q-tip out of the pack? Haven’t found the right way to store your washcloths yet? Think about how you actually use your space, as well as what you need in plain sight more often than not. Here are our favorite space-brightening vessels for things like cotton balls, toothbrushes, loose jewelry, and other knick knacks that always happen to find their way into the bathroom:  

Happy organizing! 

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