Easy Leather Cleaner Hacks

Easy Leather Cleaner Hacks

We’re all for a multi-use product, which is why so many of the items we offer—like our All-Purpose Cleaner, our Room & Linen Spray, and Garment Groom—can be used in a few different ways. And while a leather cleaner seems like a one-dimensional super-specific product, it can be used on a few other common household surfaces (and some will surprise you).  

Of course, it works to clean and protect any type of leather, including vegan leather (vinyl) shoes, handbags, jackets, furniture, and luggage. Not suede, though. Don’t go there.  

Because this natural formula is free from the usual toxins, silicones, and other suspect chemicals, you can feel free to use it on surfaces that traditional leather cleaner shouldn’t touch.   

  1. Stainless Steel. Oxidation, minor scratches, and annoying fingerprints can all be polished away with our Leather Cleaner. Depending on the “grain” of your Stainless-Steel surface (they’re not all the same) you can use it to regularly clean and protect stainless products and appliances. Just spray and polish dry with a lint-free cloth.  
  2. Wood: Both treated wooden furniture and untreated wood can benefit from our Leather Cleaner. Polished surfaces will come up even more shiny (especially when buffed afterward with a dry cloth). Butcher's Blocks and cutting boards will benefit from the oils to seal and protect the wood from splitting or cracking. Wash first with a sponge and a little dish soap, then treat with the Leather Cleaner to seal in the moisture (just like a moisturizer)!  
  3. Marble and Stone: I discovered this one by accident. I was making coffee, and spilled some on the counter. I was too lazy to refill the All-Purpose cleaner bottle I keep under my kitchen sink, so on a whim, I grabbed the Leather Cleaner because it was there, and was wowed by the result! Not only did it clean the marble, but it minimized the look of the acid etchings and minor surface scratches that were bumming me out on my new marble counter. Now we use it once a week in the kitchen and bathroom to maintain the marble. I find it also prevents watermarks and helps to protect the grout lines from mold because the oil repels moisture from settling there. Huzzah!  
  4. Rubber and Plastic. Car and bicycle tires, the rubber bumper on my rolling step stool, and of course, my Hunter rain boots all benefit from a regular application of Leather Cleaner. It makes them all shine like new and protects them from cracking and water damage.  But my favorite use for Leather Cleaner is to remove those annoying stickers they put all over everything from packaging labels to airport stickers on my luggage. Apply generously, and let it sit for a bit. Come back and scrape off. Easy! 


xx, mlk