Hold everything together

Hold everything together

Are you feeling it already? That moment when the Holidays and all the associated twinkles and sprinkles start to get out of control. This is the time of year when trying to keep all together get a bit challenging.  

There has to be handy place to stow all of the gift tags, cards, scissors, ribbons and bows and where IS that tape dispenser? You don’t have time for that. You need a system. We can help with that.   

Our storage caddy can help you keep it together this season and all year round. It holds a lot but is compact and tidy. Tuck under the bed or the bathroom sink or just leave it out! It looks good and is totally stackable. It’s made from readily renewable Bamboo with simple, sturdy construction and a classically simple design. Use it to organize everything from lipsticks to Legos. It also happens to hold six of our 17oz trigger bottles perfectly. Makes a great gift basket, too.   


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