Your Car Smells Weird

Your Car Smells Weird

It's time to face it: Your car probably smells. You've gotten used to it, but it probably has a certain pong to your passengers. Think about it: It's the first place you go after a sweaty workout, and probably the last place you think to give a deep clean. And even if you don't hit up the Drive-Through on the regular, you've probably picked up some takeout or accidentally left a sticky mess uncleaned for long enough for your car to absorb that Eau de Pad Thai. 

But you are a stylish, sophisticated person, you can't drive around with a paper tree freshener from the Car Wash! Here are two very stylish ways to get your car smelling great.


Use A (Chic) Car Diffuser

This fragrance diffuser keeps your car—or centrally cooled/heated rooms—smelling fabulous, without a flame or creepy chemicals from a plug-in. Plus, it looks more like jewelry than something you use to get rid of the old burrito smell you can’t quite get out of your car. The unisex, Art Deco-inspired design makes this a unique, elegant, and practical gift for anyone on your list. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil to the felt pad, but be careful not to oversaturate. Once it’s fragranced, insert the felt pad into the diffuser and snap to close. Clip the locket onto the vent, whether it’s your A/C unit or your car vents. Enjoy your beautifully scented space!


Try A Fragrance Oil

While these are made specifically to pair with our Car Diffuser, these Fragrance Oil blends are great for any room. Made with all of our signature scents like Original Fig, Australian Buddha Wood, Australian Rosewood Leaf, Japanese Quince, and Lemon Myrtle, among others, these scents will work with any fragrance diffuser you have at the house, too. We also clip our Car Diffuser onto A/C vents to waft the scent throughout our house! How’s that for a multi-tasking product?


Clean Your Seats

If your car has leather seats, it’s never a bad idea to condition them. While this spray is technically unscented, it’s a natural cleaner that can get any icky stains or lingering bacteria out of your leather seats, which will lead to an instantly better-smelling car.


You're only 30 seconds away from a genuinely clean and fragrant car interior!

xx LC