How to Remove Stains with a Laundry Brush

How to Remove Stains with a Laundry Brush

The last time you noticed a stain on your clothes or linens, you might have been tempted to add soap, and furiously rub the stain against itself. Stop doing that.  

If you just rub any fabric against itself, you’ll more than likely end up traumatizing the delicate fibers, and probably won’t even shift that stain.  

Use a dedicated Laundry Brush instead. A good Laundry Brush will efficiently and gently scrub the stain out without doing more damage. When paired with a stain remover and gentle laundry soap, the physical action of brushing the stain out is far more effective than just spraying it and hoping for the best!  

Step 1: Add Water 

If the stain is already dry, add some moisture, ideally some sort of stain removal spray. Show that stain who’s boss with a generous spritz of Garment Groom. If it starts to budge, you’re probably good to launder. If not, you’ll have to bring out the big guns. Pour a small amount of Laundry Soap into a little cup, add some water and then add directly to the stain. Brush again, and repeat until you see the stain start to fade.  

Step 2: Launder 

If you want to be extra careful, you can wash by hand, using the best temperature for the stain and fabric. Download our free Universal Stain Guide to avoid making things worse! Otherwise, throw it into the machine, still using the right amount of soap and the right temperature. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Make sure you check the stain is totally gone before you throw it into the tumble dryer. As I’ve mentioned before: heat sets a stain. If you’re not completely happy with the stain removal after washing, the dryer will not improve the situation. Trust me.  

Step 3: Repeat if Necessary 

If you’ve caught your stain early enough, you should see positive results pretty quickly. If it’s still hanging around after laundering, start again. With a little patience (and elbow grease) that stain will shift eventually. Don’t forget to rinse off your laundry brush as well so it’ll be fresh & ready for next time (you know it’s coming).

Ps. Don’t be tempted to use a regular scrub brush for cleaning. The stiff bristles will shred fabric fibers. As with anything, the right tool will make it so much easier. 

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