Garment Groom Fabric Freshener + Stain Remover
Garment Groom Fabric Freshener + Stain Remover
Garment Groom Fabric Freshener + Stain Remover
Garment Groom Fabric Freshener + Stain Remover

Garment Groom Fabric Freshener + Stain Remover

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Fabric Freshener + Stain Remover

A wardrobe staple for every clotheshorse. This is a plant-based version of Dry-Cleaning solution. Use as an on-the-spot stain remover, fabric freshener and laundry pre-treat for all of your delicates + everyday laundry. Works wonders as an upholstery cleaner, too.

The Basil, Mandarin, and Kale fragrance is a bright, botanical blend of just-cut greens and herbs, rounded out with juicy citrus. This is a fresh, clean fragrance that everybody loves.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Sodium Gluconate, Methoxymethylbutanol, TEA-Lauryl Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Decyl Gluocoside, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Citric Acid

Our products never contain harsh chemicals such as Ammonia, Bleach, Dye, Formaldehyde, Parabens, or phthalates

Packaging: 10fl.oz (300 ml) Refillable, highly recyclable (2) PET plastic.100% Cruelty-Free & Made in Australia  

3.4fl.oz (100ml) 

Refillable, highly recyclable (2) PET plastic.100% Cruelty-Free & Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Great product

I bought this to keep dry-clean only clothes fresh between professional cleanings and it does a great job of that. I'm also really impressed by its stain-removing power, can't believe how well it does! Love the fresh scent, too!

Haylee Herrick
Amazing Fabric Spray

The scent is wonderful and light, and sprays on beautifully. I've yet to use it as a stain remover, although have high hopes.

Irma Ogden
Love this spray! 💕

My daughter found this fabric spray at a friend’s house and fell in love with it. We ordered one bottle on subscription. I had to add another bottle to the subscription because we were running out too soon. Now we each keep one in our rooms. It works well and smells great. I have a walk-in closet and spray my clothes once a week and use it to freshen up my clothes before work. We also use it to freshen up our beds because we have 3 dogs and a cat who sleep with us (they take turns going from room to room).

Kimberly Spilker

Kimberly Spilker
I am very very picky.and I have migraines so I researched top laundry soaps.i order first because their products are in glass bottles they only have a few scents but they are natural and they are a small company where they use the best on a few items not cheap with a hundred options. I can use all their products and don't get migraines.a very hard thing to find. The scents are light fresh perfect. I have placed 4 orders so far and not one problem . Packaged perfectly. Every thing they sell is amazing. I don't think their is even a company that can come close to their quality. Thank you so very much for top quality over profit. I hope you never change. ❤️ cottagerestoration

Anne N.
Lovely scent! Perfect for refreshing clothes between washes.

This little bottle is a game changer! It instantly refreshes clothes in-between washing and has a lovely scent!

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