How to Store Small Items

How to Store Small Items

I've got too much storage (said no one, ever).

While we're all trying our best to buy less, buy better, and Kon-Marie our lives into a neat Nirvana, we still need batteries, Band-Aids, and birthday candles, am I right?

So, how do you deal with all the little stuff that doesn't fit into drawers or closets? When it comes to organization, one rule reigns supreme: have "a place for everything, and put everything in its place." That's a lot easier to do if you happen to live in a large house with lots of storage space. But, if you're a renter or have a smaller home or apartment, closet space is always at a premium.

We want to suggest our classic caddies for your consideration. Made from super sustainable blonde bamboo, they're sturdy, stackable, and cute enough to display. They're not overly large or cumbersome, but still big enough to hold everything from lipsticks to Legos. The simple design fits in anywhere, with any décor from traditional to ultra-modern.

We use them everywhere: Under the bathroom sink (think makeup, skincare samples, and hair accessories) and on top of the kitchen counter for corralling vitamins, spices, and smaller utensils. I like the fact that they hold all the little disparate things that I need, while still reducing visual clutter. I feel organized and can find everything in less than 20 seconds, and best of all, I can take it with me if I move.

I'm usually pretty organized, but these little caddies help keep me that way. This weekend, I'm going to go a step further and add some of those little brass nameplates to the front of a few, to make it even easier to find the stuff I need.

There are endless possibilities for their usefulness, including their original intended purpose: To keep my Murchison-Hume cleaning products tidy under the kitchen sink.