How to Valentine’s Day

How to Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, arguably the cheesiest Holiday in the calendar year, is fast approaching, and I'm afraid you'll have to do something about it.

Why? Because if you don't, you'll feel like a curmudgeon, and if you do something lame, you'll feel even worse! It's a terrible proposition, no matter how you slice it.

Below are my Top 3 Tips for getting through Valentine's Day with your dignity intact (and without resorting to foil balloons and supermarket flowers).

  1. PLAN SOMETHING. Whether you're married with kids, currently unattached, or in the middle, you should plan something special for the day, even if it only involves a long bubble bath, a nice glass of red, and your favorite takeout.

BTW: Mr. Handsome and I avoid restaurants like the plague on V-Day because they are universally depressing, with little tables for two adorned with red roses and balloons jammed into every conceivable corner.

You end up feeling like a boob in a room with other boobs over-paying for a sub-par, prix-fixe menu. So, we've made a tradition of getting a whole Peking Duck, a great bottle of wine, and taking a long soak in the tub. Handsome always offers to do the dishes, which is much better than a stuffed animal any day.

  1. SAY SOMETHING: Write an old-fashioned card and post it in the mail, or send a heartfelt text to your kids or your Sister-in-Law who just broke up with her longtime partner. You can get in the spirit of the Day by telling those who matter to you that you love them. Simple!
  1. GET SOMETHING: I’m not trying to be overly commercial here, but tying a ribbon around ANY part of your body and doing the “This is for you, Baby" routine isn't going to cut it. You do need to get an actual gift. I suggest you forgo the usual tacky claptrap in favor of something practical and pampering that will last much longer than a box of chocolates

Or, you could always side-step the gifting stress altogether and send your Valentine a digital gift card from a favorite brand and let them choose.

That way, you can celebrate the Holiday without the risk of disappointment. Plus, it can be sent to their inbox in seconds. Delivery by V-Day guaranteed!


It's Valentine's Day, Lovers: Get in it! 


Xx, mlk