Instant Bathroom Upgrades For Rentals

Instant Bathroom Upgrades For Rentals

Your bathroom probably isn't where you park to your most prized decor. But that doesn't mean it can't be a sophisticated, polished area in your home. Luckily, you don't have to get out the paint cans or head to the hardware store to improve the look and feel of your bathroom: Instead, it just takes a few small upgrades—think swapping out old hand towels, reorganizing your vanity, or customizing some accessories. These small changes will have a big impact to transform it from dreary to almost divine.  

Swap In A Set Of Turkish Towels 

Tired, dingy towels are another style don’t. These Terry Hand Towels are one of the prettiest, least-assuming upgrades you can make: They’re as lightweight and versatile as a Turkish towel, but with terrycloth backing that makes it as absorbent as traditional terry—and they work with just about any decor style. Plus, there’s something very adult about matching linens: the Turkish Bath sheet is great to display, too.  

Import Your Marble. 

I waited for years to have a marble bathroom. Before we could afford to renovate, I made myself happy with chic marble accessories, like this marble tray or this alabaster jar. Throw one of these on the top of your toilet’s tank for that Spruce Spray or a box of matches and a candle—and your dingy bathroom will suddenly feel regal. You can also use it as a catch-all to organize your toiletries: I also love the way perfumes or other cosmetics look arranged on this gorgeous marble stone.  

Sophisticated Scent. Forget those unsightly Glade Plug-ins or cans of Febreze: a gorgeous candle + Spruce paper spray will keep your bathroom business private. After flushing, spray a little extra in the air as a natural air freshener. 

Give it some Green. Nobody does this, but=t if you. Do, it will make a huge difference! Cut flowers or greenery. This is my favorite low-cost/no-cost way to lift a dated rental bathroom. If you're living with a chipped tile vanity, a bubblegum-pink bathtub (less cute than it sounds), or just uninspiring bathroom fixtures, a chic little vase with some cut branches will instantly elevate any bathroom.  


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