Introducing Room & Linen Spray

Introducing Room & Linen Spray

THIS IS IT. You wanted more fragrance, and we aim to please. Our new Basil, Mandarin, Kale signature scent has quickly become a best seller for good reason: It smells amazing. This is a world away from the cheap, industrial room sprays at the supermarket.  

Fresh, green and clean with just a hint of ripe citrus, BMK smells how we imagine Oprah's laundry doesYou already love it in our Laundry Soap, our Fragrance Oil Singles and now you can layer it with our new Room & Linen Spray 

It’s non-staining and safe for use on all fabrics not harmed by water, so you can safely iron with it to subtly scent your laundry. like to give the sofa a weekly spritz to banish the Eau de dog smell and on the way back through the living room, I spray the curtains to keep the whole house smelling clean and fresh. If you spray it over your bed after making it in the morning and by bedtime, you'll be rewarded with the kind of whisper-light, heavenly scented pillows that will have you looking forward to hitting the hay.  

Happy Spritzing!

xx, mlk