Things That Will Save Us All - Pink Salt

Things That Will Save Us All - Pink Salt

 We first became aware of Himalayan Pink Salt when it was recommended by a Chiropractor/Nutritionist in Sydney (cue major eye roll from anyone who takes a dim view of any alternative medicine proffered by anyone not holding a Doctor's degree in Western Medicine). Or the BBC.

That being said, there are some very compelling, well documented benefits for switching out your regular table salt to something more exotic. These include claims that Pink Salt can relieve everything from acne and halitosis to digestive and respiratory disorders. Some websites go so far as to claim that Pink Salt can improve sexual function, (!), overall vitality, and even has anti-aging properties. 

While some of these claims are debatable, the fact is that Himalayan Pink Salt is a "full spectrum" salt comprised of 84 essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, copper and iron oxide, which gives it the rosy color. We prefer pink salt because it's more natural than "iodized" salt, tastes great and looks even better. We buy a couple of jars of rock crystals from the Himalania brand at Wholefoods, but will look into buying it in bulk online next. Use it for cooking (we keep it in a ceramic Salt Pig next to the stove) and in a salt grinder for the table.  

The taste is sublime and as for the wide array of alleged Health Benefits, you can take them with a grain of you-know-what. 

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