How to Reduce Visual Clutter in Your Home

How to Reduce Visual Clutter in Your Home

We’ve had a good 2 months of Mari-Kon style de-cluttering now, but even after purging my entire house, it still lacked the harmony and blissful organization of those super organized homes that populate my Pinterest Boards. Why? Visual Clutter.

Clashing packaging and different colored labels create a visual disharmony that wreaks havoc with my joy.

That’s why we make our cleaning products in a uniform size and color. We even have a neat little caddy to tuck it neatly away under the sink. But for some people, that’s not far enough. Turns out, Amber Glass Bottles are the go-to styling trick of the super organized. We love them as a stylish and highly sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

We brought in our own premium amber glass bottles. They’re exactly the same size as our 17oz. PET plastic bottles, but in real glass that can be refilled forever with everything from your favorite Murchison-Hume products (they work with our triggers and pumps) to bubble bath and shampoo. Let’s face it: Some of our favorite products just have bad packaging. Amber bottles are the work around.

Get a few, decant and revel in your organized joy.

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