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I actually like Spring Cleaning, and not just because I make cleaning products! To me, Spring Cleaning signals a fresh start. The main thing is to not get overwhelmed by it and to tackle it in small, digestible chunks. The hard part is making an organized plan of attack, but that’s what you have us for.

If you sign up to get our email blasts, you’re already in the know. If not, get on my train, Honey! When you’re done, you’ll be so glad you did it. Having a clean, well organized home gives back in countless ways and makes your whole life better. Promise.

We’re going to give you an easy room-by-room timeline to follow with streamlined tasks that will make a huge difference to your flow. Most of them are doable on weeknights or over a couple of hours on weekend. You’ve gotta have a life, right?

Ok. Let’s do this!


Get your Cleaning kit together. Everyone knows that any job is easier when you have the right tools. We've made it super easy with a Spring Cleaning Kit that has almost everything you need to do the whole shebang.

Here’s what you’ll need:

All-Purpose Cleaner

This one is absolute must for everything from floor to ceilings (and most surfaces in between).

Boys' Bathroom Cleaner

I like a dedicated bathroom cleaner, but you can always use an All-Purpose cleaner in a pinch.

Premium Glass Cleaner

Get a good one. Not a blue one.

Dish Soap

I like to keep a big bottle in the kitchen and a smaller one in the bathroom to clean makeup + hair brushes.

Floor Cleaner

Ours has a trigger which makes the job faster and easier. No bucket.

Upholstery Cleaner

Don't just Febreze it! This one cleans and refreshes upholstery in one go.


Gloves are non-negotiable unless you want to emerge from Spring-cleaning with red lobster claw hands. I can’t stand the neon versions but found these white ones on Amazon. Fancy!


Get a few. You need one for the kitchen and one for the bath (and never the two shall meet). Never use a sponge on your dishes. Gag.

Lambswool Duster

Never buy a Swiffer hand held duster again! I’ve had one of these babies for almost a year and I’m never going back. They’re inexpensive, zero waste, easy to clean and let’s face it, just plain adorable. In stock by March 10th.

Ostrich Feather Duster

Whoever said they just “push dust around” is an idiot. These have been around for 200 years for a reason. They work! Feather dusters are the best thing for plants, lampshades, books and anything fragile that needs dusting. In stock by March 10th.

Dust Pan + Brush

Don’t waste money on a plastic set. They only last one season. A proper dustpan and brush is an invaluable investment. If you have pets, plants (or drop the occasional glass) you need one.


If I’m honest, I prefer the Miele vacuums because they look better but the Dyson works better. I just wish they had a more sophisticated color palette. I liked pink and purple, too. Then I turned 8. Lift your color game, Dyson!

Don't Forget:

  • Cleaning Caddy
  • Paper towels
  • Old shopping bags or empty Amazon boxes for donation items
  • Old-Dish Towels + Cleaning Cloths/Rags
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar

Getting your supplies together is the first step. Sign up below and we’ll send you the first Cleaning Activity next week. We got you.


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