How To Deep Clean The Bathroom

How To Deep Clean The Bathroom

People don’t like to clean the bathrooms for one obvious reason: They think it’s the germiest place in the house. That’s actually not true, your computer keyboard is by far the biggest bacteria farm, but we’ll get to that later. Don’t worry, it won’t be so bad and you’ll get a nice treat and a sparkling clean bathroom at the end. We’re going to suit up, get in there and give your bathroom the attention it deserves. After all, it’s where you get yourself clean.  


TIME: 1-2 Hours 


  • Latex or Disposable gloves 
  • Bathroom Cleaner or All-Purpose Cleaner 
  • A mild abrasive cleaner 
  • Glass Cleaner 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • An old sponge 
  • Old T-shirts for rags or Lint free dishcloths  
  • A toilet brush 
  • A roll of toilet paper  
  • A sponge mop or Swiffer  



  • Start the night before by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and tying it onto your shower head. It needs to be totally submerged to clean out all of the bacteria in there (which can make you sick if left to fester). Remove it the next day and run the shower to get rid of the vinegar smell (that might take a while).   


  •  I like to remove everything possible from the bathroom before I start. Every bottle and bath mitt from the shower, anything on the vanity, rugs, bathmats, shower curtains, towels, and any small furniture like a bath stool, the scale or trashcans, etc.    


  • This is a great time to throw the shower curtain and towels into the machine, so they’re ready for your freshly cleaned bathroom later.   


  • Before you start cleaning, sprinkle abrasive cleaner on the inside rim of the toilet. Smush it around with the toilet brush to form a paste. Close the lid on the brush and let it sit there for a bit.   


  • I do the outside of the vanity first because it’s so easy and satisfying. Use a mild cleaner and a dry, lint-free cloth to spray and wipe.  


  • Next is the shower door. Spray with Bathroom Cleaner and then scrunch your aluminum foil into a tight little ball. Use it to scrub the glass. It sounds crazy, but trust me, it won’t scratch and the soap scum will glide off. Use the same technique [link to How To Clean Glass blog post] on the faucets and watch them come back to life! Now, spray the entire shower stall with Bathroom Cleaner or All-Purpose Cleaner and go to town with your sponge. I like an old, abrasive kitchen sponge, which I MAKE SURE TO THROW AWAY after using in the bathroom so nobody tries to use it in the kitchen afterward. *Gags* 


  • Next, spray ALL the tiled surfaces, bathtub, towel bars, hooks, and faucets with your cleaner. Close the door and turn the shower to the hottest setting for a few minutes until it gets good and steamy in there. Go back in and wipe everything down with your lint-free cloth.  


  • I use a mild abrasive cleanser in my sink every once in a while, then use a spray cleaner on the vanity. Polish the faucet and taps after cleaning thoroughly.   


  • Gloves on! Time to do the loo. Spray the top of the tank and the handle. Work your way down the sides and all around the tank and toilet base. I use toilet paper first around this bit because it’s usually so yuk, you’ll want something disposable. Finish with your rags or cloth and polish clean.  


  • Do the inside of the bowl last. BTW: Please don’t keep one of those revolting plastic brushes sitting in Eau de Poop water next to your toilet bowl. It’s nasty. I stopped leaving a toilet brush + cup combo next to the toilet after my son Ben (now 19) tried to brush his hair with it. Ugh. Instead, I keep it in a dry bucket, tucked away in my cleaning closet. Brush in and around the bowl and rim. Close the lid, flush and then finish the seat with a good spritz of cleaner. Wipe dry with toilet paper. Done! 


  • Next, come the mirrors. Spray with Glass Cleaner and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. You can re-do the faucet and taps again if you over-spray. They won’t mind a bit.   


  • Floors are last! I just spray the floor with a rinse-free Floor Cleaner, or All-Purpose Cleaner and then Swiffer using an old dishcloth or paper towels. 5 minutes, tops.     


FOR A REWARD, I like to treat myself to some fresh-cut flowers or a cute little plant in the bathroom. If I’m on a budget, a simple cutting from the yard will also do the trick! Greenery always perks up a bathroom, and a clean one deserves something nice to dress it up.