Are you a shedder? Or maybe you live with one? Have you ever stood in the shower with water rising up around your ankles, or suffered a slow sink drain? Look down at your bathroom floor. Is there enough stray hair down there to knit a bobble hat? You have a Hair Weasel problem. 

The average human sheds between 50 to 100 hairs each day. I don’t know about you, but most of mine seem to come out in the shower. You might be feeling pretty smug about your short hair or that thing in your drain that catches all the hair, allowing you to pull it out periodically in a greasy, hairy, vomitus blob. You still have a hair weasel problem.

I’m here to help you side-step the whole gagging experience by taming that weasel on the daily.  

All it takes is a good floor cleaner, some toilet paper, a proper hairbrush and rake comb. Once you have these few things, you will become a dedicated Hair Monitor and enjoy the rest of your bathroom life clog-free (plus, your SO will thank you for it). Trust me.


Step 1. Always brush your hair before washing it. This does two good things:

  • It stimulates your scalp, which in turn, leads to fuller, glossier hair. And…
  • It takes out most of the loose hairs that are waiting to fall out in the shower and clog your drains anyway. *You’ll drop some hair on the floor during this step, but we’ll get to that in a minute

Step 2: Shampoo. Rake your fingers through your hair and pull the loose hairs that have fallen out and slap them against the wall of the shower stall! Yes, they will stick!

Step 3: Comb conditioner through your hair. Again, collect the loose hairs from your comb and slap on the tiles.

Step 4: Round up that weasel. Once you’re done, use your fingers to work all of the loose hairs into a little ball. You’ve caught got your weasel!

TIP: I use a little toilet paper to grab him and keep him confined in the bin. Don’t flush him. He can make big trouble for you down there.

Step 4: Spray and sweep. Once I’m done in the bathroom, I spritz a little more on some toilet paper to collect any loose hairs, toothpaste or mineral makeup that’s fallen in the sink or vanity and I finish with the floor.

It’s like I wasn’t even there.

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