This Magical Skincare Ingredient Cures Maskne—And It’s Still Under The Radar

This Magical Skincare Ingredient Cures Maskne—And It’s Still Under The Radar

Every so often, a new skincare ingredient comes along and sweeps the entire market. That was the case with retinol, activated charcoal, and even Australia’s native Kakadu plum. But most of the time, these ingredients have existed and been used in cosmetics for decades—sometimes even centuries. The same is true for the newest ingredient on the block, and this one lives up to the hype. Hypochorlous acid: It’s a scary-sounding ingredient that naturally occurs in your body, as it’s the same substance your white blood cells produce to fight infection.  

Originally developed by plastic surgeons to speed up healing and cellular recovery, hypochorlous acid has powerful antimicrobial properties. In fact, it’s as powerful as bleach but safe for cosmetic use. It’s not only super gentle on even the most sensitive skin, but it also doesn't dry it or mess with your natural pH balance. In fact, hypochorlous acid can help eradicate redness, irritation, and skin damage—all without stripping your skin’s barrier. 

Even more, hypochorlous acid is the star ingredient in Biotech’s Topical Skin Spray, which is an acne-fighter, exfoliator, moisturizer, and refresher all in one. That’s right—it helped founder Max Kater’s teenage son finally get rid of his maskne after a year of struggling to find a solution. How’s that for powerful? 

Ahead, three ways you can use Biotech’s Topical Skin Spray in your skincare routine.  

3 Ways To Use Hypochorlous Acid 

As A Toner 

If you’re looking to get rid of acne, using this as a toner is your best bet. Just add some on a cotton round and swipe (never rub!) across your face before putting on a serum or moisturizer. Hypochorlous acid won’t leave a residue on your skin either.  

As A Face Mist 

Sure, we all love the smell of rose water or fresh lemon-scented face mists—and this is nothing like that. To be honest, it smells a bit like a pool: It’s a touch chemically (because it is, well, a chemical, which doesn’t make it unsafe or unnatural) and doesn’t exactly conjure up thoughts of a spa, but it can be used as a daily mist to refresh skin or keep breakouts at bay. I like to spritz it on right as I leave a workout, especially if I’ll be running errands before I can get home and take a proper shower.  

To Clean Makeup Brushes, Bath Mitts Etc.  

Let’s be real: You don’t clean your makeup brushes every week as every dermatologist recommends. But hypochorlous acid has such powerful disinfecting strength that it can eradicate all the bacteria on your makeup brushes, bath mitts, loofahs, even your konjac sponge—as well as other porous or soft surfaces. You can let it soak in the acid, or give it a few spritzes and massage it through.  

As a bonus, you can spritz it on soft surfaces like your pillowcases, couch pillows, to get rid of any bacteria hiding in there.  

How’s that for a multi-tasking ingredient? Now go forth and revel in being the friend that knew about this miracle ingredient first!