Universal Stain Removal Guide

Universal Stain Removal Guide

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A FREE Stain-Removal Guide to the most common stains that show up in your laundry. So cute, it's genuinely framable! 

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure that Paper Sizing & Handling is on Fit or Fit to Page. Orientation should be set to Auto or Landscape. 

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Peters
Fabulous help and a routine too

A great idea for reminding us to address those little issues around home. A routine we all need to make life easier.

Bridget H.

I adore this brand so much! The bottles are so beautiful and so functional ! And the fig scent is dreamy! My fav!

Anne Cashill
Great advice.

Love it. Handy reference. I keep it in my laundry room.

Jordan Neiman
great free guide

very appreciative of the handy PDF to reference. thank you!

Maureen Boctor
Excellent reference

Great reference to have in the laundry room

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