Compostable Bottle Brush
Compostable Bottle Brush
Compostable Bottle Brush
Compostable Bottle Brush
Compostable Bottle Brush

Compostable Bottle Brush

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Efficiently scrubs the inside of your favourite glasses and water bottle. The bristles are made with natural fibres that allow gentle yet effective scrubbing without harming even your most precious glassware.

This brush is suitable for almost any glass or bottle in the sink. The handle is the perfect length for optimum scrubbing with or without dish gloves, and the medium-stiff sisal bristles are strong enough to tackle dried-on food. When the bristles wear down, you can chuck it into the compost without guilt!

  • ZERO-WASTE, COMPOSTABLE WOODEN BOTTLE BRUSH: The best way to wash the inside of your drinking glasses, wine glasses, and water bottles.
  • NON-SCRATCH NATURAL BRISTLES: Unlike cheaper natural brushes, this Bottle Brush has medium-stiff, sisal bristles that won’t scratch delicate glass and allow for targeted cleaning without damaging your precious glassware.
  • MORE HYGIENIC THAN A SPONGE: Say goodbye to bacteria growing on your dish sponge. Sponges are prone to trapping and retaining germs, mold, and odours. A Bottle Brush is more hygienic, better-looking, and easier to use than a dish sponge.
  • MAKES DISHWASHING EASIER AND MORE SKIN FRIENDLY: Our long custom handle is perfect for easier cleaning, keeping your hands free from hot water and soap, which can irritate sensitive skin.
  • SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Our natural fibre brushes are aesthetic enough to display in any designer kitchen, and the compostable materials make them a handsome sink-side statement you can feel good about.

Dimensions: 10.6" long x 2.3" head diameter (27 cm long x 6 cm head diameter).

Materials: Made with natural plant fibres

Made in China exclusively for Murchison-Hume.

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant brush

Recently bought the Bottle brush and absolutely love it!! It's easy to use with its all round bristles that clean inside bottles really well - it looks good too!


Doesn’t fit inside my bottles

Kerry Ann
Very Nice!

I was looking for a brush that was just the right size and softness/stiffness and this one is perfect. Great company, I ordered one and they sent me two, I’m very pleased!

Corrie Driebusch

Bottle Brush

Form & Function

I love this style of brushes - I got apll 3. These replaced any and all existing brushes that I had.

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