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Finger Lime Serum


WHAT IT IS: Your new favorite clean performance product. This is a Retinol product for people who can’t tolerate Retinol. No filler ingredients, this is 100% pure, uncut Finger Lime Caviar extract. Finger Lime is a native Australian citrus fruit that effectively targets fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, surface breakouts, eczema, and dry, flaky skin.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it works! Seriously, the difference in our complexion is so dramatic, we're chucking out our synthetic stuff.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply a few drops directly onto freshly cleansed skin. Use to prime skin before sunscreen by day or moisturizer at night.

GOOD TO KNOW: Despite being so active, this intensive serum is safe for people with sensitive skin. It even helped clear up our eczema. It’s incredible.

DETAILS: (5ml each) Roller ball application. Glass bottle.

PACKAGING: Amber glass 15ml bottle (.5 FLOZ)

INGREDIENTS: Finger Lime Caviar extract suspended in glycerin.

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