assorted fragrance oil for the home
assorted fragrance oil with diffuser on black soapstone tray
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
japanese quince fragrance oil
rosewood fragrance oil
buddahwood fragrance oil santal
basil mandarin kale fragrance oil
red currant tangerine fragrance oil
white grapefruit citrus fragrance oil
sandalwood woody fragrance oil
lemon myrtle citrus fragrance oil
original fig fragrance oil for the home
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends
Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends

Fragrant + Essential Oil Blends

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These signature Murchison-Hume oil blends are designed for use with our Car Diffuser, but you can use them in your oil diffuser, on dryer balls, or anywhere you want to amp up your home's signature scent.

Fragrance Descriptions

  • Coriander (FO*): Perfect for those who don’t like traditional floral “fragrances.” This bright and clean unisex blend opens with fresh herbal greens and bright citrus blossom mingled with subtle floral notes. Engaging and energizing.
  • Lemon Myrtle (EO*): Not your average lemon. This Australian native plant has a luxurious blossom scent with a crisp, green finish. 
  • Australian Buddha Wood (EO*): This sensuous, woodsy fragrance is famously calming and grounding. Just the right thing to get you in the mood for an intimate and subtly stimulating evening.
  • Basil Mandarin Kale (FO*): A bright, botanical blend of just-cut greens and herbs, rounded out with juicy citrus. This is a fresh, clean fragrance that everybody loves.
  • Original Fig (FO*): Our famous fig blend features ripe fruit lifted with the zest of cranberry and bergamot. A cult favourite around the world. Sweet and refreshing.
  • Japanese Quince (FO*): Ripe red berries and citrus over fleshy guava and white floral base. Inviting and reassuringly sweet, but not overbearing.
  • English Red Currant (FO*): It's like Christmas at Oprah's! Delicious ripe berries with bright citrus notes, a deep floral rose, and an earthy oakmoss finish. Cozy but sophisticated and inviting.
  • Australian White Grapefruit (FO*): Our signature scent. Not a straightforward "citrus," this is a lighter, more subtle citrus blossom fragrance. Fresh, sweet, and uplifting.
  • Australian Sandalwood (FO*): Earthy Australian sandalwood and calming vetiver are dressed up with spicy amber notes and a green floral finish. Woodsy but fresh.
  • Australian Rosewood Leaf (EO*): The leaves of the Rosewood tree have a subtle floral scent lifted by a crisp, green finish.
  • South African Gooseberry (FO*): Sweet and tart. A deliciously uplifting cross between ripe Lychees and bright Pomegranate.

*FO = Fragrant Oil (Perfume)

*EO = Essential Oil (Natural)

.3oz (10ML) in amber glass bottles with tamper-evident caps. Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Love it! It smells good on everything from you to your laundry.

Unique sophisticated fragrance

I have long been a fan of the Murchison-Hume scents. The fragrances are unique and sophisticated. Quince, fig, sandalwood, etc., they are all lovely.

Barbara OBrien
Japanese Quince is divine

I'm really enjoying the Japanese Quince fragrance in both the oil, liquid soap, and lotion.

carlo Lawrence
More to come

I’ve purchased the car scent diffuser along with a few scents which I also use on my dryer balls with my laundry. 1) the smell as lovely as they are doesn’t last long in the car for some reason or another. 2) in the laundry so far has been good my wife who has a keen nose for scents has shared her pleasure with most of the scents. I love the South African Gooseberry, English Currant, Japanese Quince I’m still on the fence on whether to continue using them in the car but I’ll hold until I try the South African Gooseberry. I am presently using the Lemon in the car with not so good results.

Melanie C
Lemon Myrtle

This is a nice, fresh citrus fragrance which I use in my diffuser and on laundry balls. Also like the Basil Mandarin and Kale fragrance very much. Would recommend both for keeping your home and laundry smelling great.

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