Heales Apothecary Dry Brush
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how to exfoliate skin with a dry brush
Heales Apothecary Dry Brush

Heales Apothecary Dry Brush

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The BEST Dry Brush money can buy (seriously); because this is the Goldie Locks of Dry-Brushes. It’s not too hard, not too soft, and has zero plastic or pig bristles. This is JUST RIGHT.

Do not use wet! We recommend brushing before bathing or showering for the best results. Apply a thin layer of body oil to prime your bristles and facilitate brushing. Start at the feet and work your way up the body, brushing inward towards the heart with long sweeping strokes. Your skin will look smoother and you’ll feel invigorated!

Good to Know: Go slowly to build up your tolerance for dry brushing. Tingling and redness are totally normal. Dedicate 5 minutes a day to your brushing routine and revel in how much better you feel and look.

10 x 2.5 inches long, 100% Vegan, Boar-free sisal bristles, Beechwood Handle.

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Cohen
Dry brush

Thank you. This is the best dry brush ever!

Roz Germov
Invigorating skin stimulation

This is a high quality body brush but it does take some time to get used to and brushing needs to start gradually.

Claire Sanders
Great brush

Love this brush! Everyone should have one.

Marlene R.
New to dry brushing

I was given this brush as a present, and it sat in my bathroom for almost a year. Once we had quarantine, I started taking better care of myself, and dry-brushing is my new healthy habit. I'm obsessed with it now! It sort of scratchy at first, so go slow. Once you get used to it,so invigorating! I live it. I got the oil to use with it and so happy with it. Makes the skin on my legs look better too!

Leilani F.
Love this natural brush

This brush is SOOO much better than the medicinal and plastic brushes I’ve used in the past. Super chic. Works great.

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