Premium Black Trigger 28/410
Premium Black Trigger 28/410
Premium Black Trigger 28/410
Premium Black Trigger 28/410

Premium Black Trigger 28/410

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A set of two (2) high-quality trigger sprayers. These aren’t the cheap, hollow, sharp-edged triggers you see on Amazon. These premium triggers are made from single-molded PET plastic. They are fully adjustable with lock, spray or jet functions.

Good to know: They work with our 17oz. Amber glass or plastic bottles.

Customer Reviews

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It doesn’t work very well. Plus I only received one, not 3 in the bag.

Sharin Mulvey-Burns
Great triggers!

Wonderful sturdy triggers for the 17 ounce glass bottles.

toni cramer
bottle triggers

Great, love the amber bottles that these go on.

Tayler Hatchell


Jyllian Powers
Multi-use & fine mist!

I thought reviewing bottle triggers would be jejune, but these are worth recommending! They felt quite catchpenny initially, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fine mist I got with water! I paired them with the Murchison-Hume bottles and labels for cleaning, but they'd make a utile water mister for plants or flowers. Even here, their products always seem to have a classy, slightly elevated je ne sais quoi. Another winner!

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