3 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Delicates Sustainably

3 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Delicates Sustainably

A sustainable lifestyle isn’t one that comes overnight—nor is it something that has to be an all-or-nothing kind of commitment. In fact, a bunch of small changes can add up faster than you think. Forgoing plastic bags in favor of reusable totes, swapping out single-use bottles for a refillable water pitcher, and finding new uses for old items are all great starts. Even more, prolonging the life of your clothing is just another way to keep items out of landfills—and it all starts with your laundry. 

A Mesh Laundry Bag 

What you want is something is an ultra-fine, mesh wash bag that keeps all of your favorite delicates from pilling or unraveling in the wash. Unlike most laundry bags that are made from poly-blended mesh, this one’s made from 100% sustainably farmed cotton to keep microfibers out of the wash cycle. Plus, it’s smartly designed with snaps instead of a potentially damaging zipper. 

Just throw your favorite delicate items, cashmere, knits, or synthetics into the bag and snap shut before washing. It also works wonders for anything with an elastic, like the loops of your face mask: They keep any straps from getting caught by a heavier garment, resulting in it stretching during the wash or dry cycle. 

With Garment Groom

Of course, starting with the right detergent helps—and our Laundry Soap is specifically designed for hand-washing delicate garments—but another way to extend the life of your garments is to keep them out of the wash entirely. Garment Groom is a natural stain remover and laundry pre-treat for all of your clothes; it also works wonders as a fabric freshener, too. For items that you’ve only worn briefly, spritz a bit Garment Groom then pop it in the dryer for five minutes. Alternatively, you can hang it outside for peak freshness. 

With Dryer Balls

Our Woolzie Dryer Balls make it easier and more efficient to do your laundry. They bounce around in the dryer, creating space between your clothes, towels, or linens. The hot air moves around better, which means your items are done faster. Plus, it naturally softens your clothes and reduces wrinkles quickly. For an added dose of freshness, add a few drops of our Laundry Fragrance to the balls before you add them to the dryer. 

    There are tons more changes you can make in the name of sustainability around the home. (You can find a few zero-waste swaps to make in your kitchen here) but getting started with your laundry is a great way to live more mindfully.   

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