9 Dishwasher Hacks You Probably Don’t Know

9 Dishwasher Hacks You Probably Don’t Know


Make your machine work smarter, not harder.

You use it every day, but have you ever read the manual? If you’re like me, the answer is no. Even if you are one of the 2% that read it, you probably don't know everything about how it works and how to get the best out of it. We've uncovered nine secret hacks that will change how you approach this domestic enigma.  


ADJUSTABLE TOP RACK: It's like the superhero of dishwasher features – versatile, adaptable, and ready to save the day. Don't let those tall glasses or awkwardly shaped pots and pans cramp your cleaning style. Use the side tabs to move the top rack up or down. This feature will allow you to accommodate oversized bowls or kitchenware easily.  


THE WINE GLASSES RACK: Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but it’s news to me, so I’ve included it! I used to wash wine glasses by hand to avoid breaking in the machine. But guess what? Your dishwasher holds a secret weapon: the stemware rack. Hidden in plain sight, this ingenious contraption cradles your stemware, ensuring they emerge from the machine unscathed and sparkling every time.     


DON’T FORGET THE RINSE AID: Citric Acid is sold commercially as a disinfectant and cleaning agent for removing soap scum, hard water stains, lime, and rust. Add a dash to your rinse aid compartment to banish hard water stains and restore your dishes to their former glory. It’s a safer alternative to conventional rinse aids, leaving your dishes free from cloudy, hard-water residue. 


START YOUR ENGINES: Before starting a cycle, run the sink faucet until the water is piping hot, especially during winter. Running a tap to hot ensures that the first wash cycle gets off to a sizzling start, blasting away grime and grease with the power of heat. PRO TIP: You can use the water to fill a large pot if you’re trying to conserve water. 


THROW IN THE TOWEL: Last but not least, let's talk drying. Hang half a dish towel inside the door after a cycle is finished to soak up any lingering steam. You will still need to give your dishes a quick once over with an absorbent towel to catch any drips or residual moisture while putting them away.


YOUR DISHWASHER HAS A FILTER (and you need to change it): The filter is the unsung hero of your dishwasher. It's like the bouncer at a fancy club, keeping out all the riffraff and ensuring only the cleanest water gets through. Use mild dish soap and a bottle brush to give it some love with a monthly clean, and your dishwasher will perform like a rockstar. 


NOT JUST FOR SALAD DRESSING: I loathe cleaning with any vinegar-based product because it makes everything smell like pickles. However, I occasionally put a small bowl of white vinegar on the lower rack and run the machine without dishes to strip down stubborn buildup on the interior. PRO TIP: Once done, I polish the stainless interior with a silicone-free Leather Cleaner to make it more resistant to hard water spots and shine.  



REPLACEMENT PARTS: If those little plastic nubs on your racks are missing, you don't have to put up with chipped edges or scratched surfaces. Cheap replacements are readily available on Amazon and will give your plates the protection they deserve.  


Remember, your dishwasher is a modern convenience, not a miracle worker. Not everything is dishwasher safe. Avoid putting nonstick cookware, wooden items, knives, and plastic in there. Those things are best washed by hand with mild dish soap and a non-scratch brush.  


YOU'RE PROBABLY USING TOO MUCH SOAP:  You already know that the plastic membrane that holds dishwashing pods together never breaks down and ends up in the ocean (and ultimately our food supply). Gross! You may not have considered that toxic dishwashing pods (like Laundry Pods) are pre-measured for a full load, but what if you're running a small load? You can't! Dishwasher Sheets are plastic-free and have the benefit of perforations that allow you to use half a sheet, saving you money. They're smaller, lighter, and easier to store than powders or pods. They come in a handy Travel Size version, too. Nice.  

Armed with these Dishwasher hacks and easy cleaning tips, you will have sparkling clean dishes without resorting to professional dishwasher maintenance. 

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