Accents Chairs That Can Change Your Space & How To Clean Each

Accents Chairs That Can Change Your Space & How To Clean Each

There are few items in your home that can transform your living room quite like an accent chair. Not only are they one of the more flexible design choices you can make—they’re less fixed than, say, a coffee table or a couch—but they offer some practicality, too. Adding one to an empty corner of your living room can instantly warm up the space. That’s doubly true if you’re able to add a side table and lighting fixture to create a little reading nook-like vignette.


Still, finding the right accent chair for your space doesn’t mean matching the same fabric as your couch—or going for function alone. While you can look at the usual suspects like West Elm, you’ll find something even more unique if you take your talents to vintage furniture sellers like Chairish, The RealReal, 1st Dibs, or even on Instagram. And if you’re shopping in-store, don’t be afraid to take a peek at the dining chairs section: Oftentimes, extra inventory that may have lost its other pair are steeply discounted.

Ahead, three kinds of accent chairs that feel particularly timeless—plus, how to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Accent Chair Idea: Cozy Lounging Chair

If you’re looking for something that’s just downright comfortable, this is the way to go. Most chairs made for napping—er, lounging—can be.

How To Clean It: Garment Groom

While you might be tempted to break out the steam cleaner every time your pet jumps onto the sofa, there’s an easier way: Garment Groom is an all-natural, beautifully scented upholstery spot-cleaner and refresher that works on materials of all kinds. Garment Groom works on all upholstery, so your sofas, slipcovers, and curtains can look their best.

Accent Chair Idea: Sculptural

Save for anything Eames makes, most mid-century modern chairs fall under this category. Oftentimes, they include mixed materials or leather accents or wooden handles.

How To Clean It: Leather Cleaner

If you treat it properly, leather is one of the most durable fabrics out there. Our Leather Cleaner is specially formulated to naturally clean, condition, and protect your leather from any cracking or grime. Before you even think about sitting on it, give it a good conditioning: Just spray some Leather Cleaner onto a cloth and buff to a high shine so you won’t have to worry about water damage. It also does so much more than clean your leather. It’s also safe for use on vinyl, wood, plastic, marble, rubber, tires, hard side luggage and rain boots.

Accent Chair Idea: Sherpa or Boucle

How To Clean It: Garment Groom

Similar to how you’d spot-clean a fabric lounging chair, sherpa and boucle fabrics similarly respond to Garment Groom. For any spot-cleaning, spray it immediately with Garment Groom then brush with a small dab of Laundry Soap if need be. Just be sure you spot-test in an incognito area. In between cleanings, give your soft surfaces a weekly spray with Room & Linen Spray for a quick and all-natural refresh.

More than anything, enjoy your new relaxing chair! If you’re worried about pet hair or other everyday grime, just throw a blanket on top. It’ll make the space that much cozier.

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