Embrace Self Care This International Women's Day

Embrace Self Care This International Women's Day

Real talk: Self-care isn’t just indulging in a glass of wine or binge-watching the new Sex & the City—but of course, neither of those things are wrong. At its core, self-care means carving out some much-needed time for yourself to relax, rebalance, reset—and with International Women’s Day coming on March 8, now’s as good a time as ever to prioritize yourself. Ahead, find five easy ways to practice self-care, even if you don’t have much time to yourself.


Start your day with a brief meditation

We’re all deep in the terrible habit of checking our phones the moment we wake up. Commit to breaking the cycle for a week, starting today: Put your phone on airplane mode and resist the urge to check it until you’ve spent five minutes setting an intention for the day. It might take a few tries to stop focusing on your to-do list, but unplug and relish whatever you're doing, even if it's just savoring a cup of coffee. Your email can wait.

Move your body

This doesn’t have to mean a five-mile run or an advanced Pilates class. And even if you don’t have time to find a new trail to hike, take 20 or 30 minutes for a leisurely walk around your neighborhood to your favorite podcast. (If you’re looking for a recommendation or two, we love Olivia Perez’s Friend of a Friend and Small Doses with Amanda Seales.) Besides, getting a little vitamin D is never a bad idea: Studies show spending time outdoors reduces blood pressure and muscle tension while slowing the production of stress hormones like cortisol.

Get a manicure—or go the at-home route

If a quiet, peaceful mani-pedi is your idea of a relaxing time, book yourself an appointment—or prep yourself at home with a luxe Detox Kit.

Take a bath

Sure, self-care is more than just treating yourself to a few minutes of alone time, but if you have the time and space for a relaxing bubble bath, take advantage of it. Pour yourself a glass of wine, fill up the tub, and grab a great book. When you get out, continue the self-care by using an invigorating Fascia Brush with Heales Body Oil to help it glide easily over your skin. Start at your feet, and move up your legs, arms, and torso slowly. Move the Fascia brush side to side and up and down, applying as much pressure as you can stand. It’ll boost circulation, help with lymphatic drainage, and help to smooth out the connective tissue beneath the skin.

Do something for your future self.

Most days, this would mean making your bed or meal-prepping for the week. But in celebration of International Women’s Day, give yourself something you’ll appreciate now and forever—like a beautiful candle that you can repurpose long after its wick has burned, or a luxurious TKKT that’ll give you a great excuse to continue treating yourself.

Hopefully, a few of these resonate with you—but more importantly, find time to prioritize yourself in a way that allows you to relax and recharge. Happy International Women’s Day!

xx LC