Should nails "breathe" between manicures?

Should nails "breathe" between manicures?

Should nails "breathe" between manicures?

When I was a youngish Beauty Editor back in Singapore, “good grooming” included a weekly mani/pedi. But the regular cycle of polish & remover left my nails yellow and brittle. I even suffered the occasional nail bed infection courtesy of clipped cuticles and those dodgy foot spas at my cheapie salon.

So, despite year-round sandal season my colleagues and I would regularly give our nails and toenails “a chance to breathe” between visits to the salon.

By the time we moved back to California in 2012, the natural beauty movement was beginning to happen and people started to care more about the chemicals they were putting in and on their bodies.

I stopped going for weekly manicures, bought myself acetone-free polish remover, a professional nail file, a quality buffer and I began to experiment with the new “5-Free” nail varnishes at home.

Doing my own nails became part of my weekend routine, but I missed the uniform luster of my ballet pink polish and the way my cuticles looked when they were cleaned from all that dry white skin around my nail plates.

My friend, Sarah told me about a magic tea tree based oil she found in Australia that left her nails pink and lustrous without any polish.

Of course, I became obsessed with it but couldn’t find anything here that could treat both nails and cuticles.

Until now.

We’re delighted to present the Nail Detox Kit from Heales’ Apothecary. Two small bottles with roll-on applicator tips: One to brighten your nail plate + protect your nail beds from infection and another to keep cuticles soft and supple. No polish, no cutting, no worries. Plus, it’s 100% natural, smells amazing and comes in glass bottles, so it’s totally guilt-free. I keep one kit in my bathroom and another on my desk at work.

Bottom line? While your nails don’t technically “breathe,” continued exposure to polish and remover will definitely damage your nail plates. Plus, all that cutting and pushing back cuticles leaves your nail beds vulnerable to fungal infections.

Taking periodic breaks to detox from polish is definitely a good idea.

I still like manicures, but my week long “breathe” has morphed into nearly a year without polish and my nails Never. Looked. Better.

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