Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Window Treatments

I’m going to come clean right now and admit that since hanging my new sheer linen panels in 2016, I haven’t even touched them. They’re a gorgeous light grey, sheer linen and they pool dramatically on the floor. I love them. However, they are way overdue for a good clean. I approached tentatively, gave them a good shake and started a dust avalanche. It was serious. Drastic action was required. I did my research online and discovered that I could wash them! Blinds and valances are trickier, however, and require a different approach.

Time: 1-2 hours (depending on how many you have)



  • Start by assessing your window treatments. Are they stained or just dusty? Are you cleaning blinds or fabric curtains? Can you remove them and wash them or do you have to spot clean? Please follow the care labels if you can find one.
  • If you have blinds or curtains that can’t be washed, you can either fold them and haul them off to the dry-cleaner, OR just give them a good sweep with the feather duster to shake out loose surface dust.
  • FYI: Venetian, Roman and Roller blinds can simply be dusted. Let them completely down and dust with a feather duster first, then follow up with the lambs’ wool duster, being careful to get inside each slat.
  • You can spot clean blinds or dry-clean only curtains with an Upholstery Cleaner or Garment Groom. Spray your sponge (not the fabric) and blot stains until they start to fade.
  • Spray the fabric or blinds completely and sweep dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • For my linen panel curtains, I started by giving my curtains a good shake (be prepared to sneeze…you won’t believe how much dust will fly off).  
  • Next I got up on a ladder and used a feather duster to remove most of the cobwebs and dust bunnies from the top.
  • Then I carefully removed each panel and let them drop to the floor.
  • Once dusted, I pinned them back with a chair so you expose the windows.
  • If you can wash your curtains, now’s the time to throw them in the machine! Always protect them by putting them inside net/mesh laundry bags or a pillowcase to protect them in the machine. Wash in COLD water on the shortest + gentlest setting.
  • Now you dust the windows, including all of the sills, jambs and corners. I use the feather duster, and follow with a lambs’ wool duster to scoop up the rest.
  • Now you’re ready to clean the glass! Start at the top and spritz the glass liberally. Wipe clean with your lint-free cloth.
  • This is also a good time to vacuum/Swiffer the floor behind the curtains.
  • Once washed, re-hang them while still damp. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER.
  • Once they’re dry, they should be mostly wrinkle free. You may need to hit them with a steamer or the steam function on your iron.
  • Step back and admire your fresh, clean window treatments. You’ll sleep better tonight; knowing all of that dust is gone.
  • FULL DISCLOSURE: My linen panels did shrink significantly (about 4 inches). But I did a single panel first, to see how they would end up. They were too long anyway and now just lightly break on the floor instead of pooling in a bunch. Better.


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