Heales Apothecary Fascia Brush
Heales Apothecary Fascia Brush
Heales Apothecary Fascia Brush
Heales Apothecary Fascia Brush
fascia massage brush

Heales Apothecary Fascia Brush

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This is next-level dry-brushing. This fascia “brush” has little wooden nubs designed to massage and smooth out the connective tissue beneath the skin. Regular use can help boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

For best results, use after a hot bath or shower and with Heales Sunset Oil to help the brush glide easily over your skin. Start at your feet, and move up your legs, arms, and torso slowly. Move the Fascia brush side to side and up and down, applying as much pressure as you can stand. It works! 

Good To Know: Redness and slight bruising are normal. Go slowly to build up your tolerance for fascia massage, and never use it on distressed or broken skin. Drink a glass of water when you’re done to moisturize from the inside out.

Do not submerge in water.

Dimensions: 1.75 x 5.5” in

Materials: 100% Birchwood

Customer Reviews

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Love it, does the trick. Reasonably priced and quick delivery

Melissa Purnell
Delicious and yummy

Comfortable to hold and the nubs are smooth on the skin. I wish the nubs were a little farther apart and the overall size of the brush a bit bigger, maybe they could design a new or additional model. But in general a great 👍 piece. Oh and I guess you aren’t supposed to get it wet… so perhaps that causes decay, which I will be experiencing because how could you not use it in the shower, it just makes sense to.

Shelley Ehrman
High Quality Brush

This is a high quality brush. The handle length is perfect for everything except the very center of your back.

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